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June 2019; Crete: wrecks, amphoras and Nazi residues (PDF)
Crete: more wrecks of Agios Nikolaos, 2018
Crete: the wrecks of Agios Nikolaos, 2016
September 2016: 50 m in the deco chamber (PDF)
June 2015: 10 sec.-film: the little sepia (Mykonos, Greece: 14 MB)
an Orca EDGE dive computer booting, little free hand video, 4 MB
the deco workshop at the Tauchsportcenter Esslingen, December 2012
October 2012: a little 30 sec film; the Moray Eel Whisperer(35 MB)
30 sec film, embellished, only for Windows-Users with background music: the Moray Eel Whisperer
Egypt, El Qadim Bay, October 2011: Making of ...
Egypt, El Qadim Bay, October 2011; 30 seconds film: eagle ray(40 MB)
Egypt, Marsa Alam: the last pictures with my Nikonos RS, October 2010
Egypt, Marsa Alam: house reef at the Lahmy Bay, October 2009
dry suit diving in a mountain lake: Fernsteinsee in Austria, August 2008. A little film, 30 sec, 45 MB.
Egypt, Sinai: Ras Umm Sid, Fish Portraits May 2006
Egypt, Sinai: Ras Umm Sid, October 2005
River Diving in Italy, Verzasca Valley, June 2005 and July 2003: the valley from above and below
a couple of pictures from our latest trip to the recompression chamber facility in Stuttgart, 2005, february
mother's finest in Sinai: the Ras Gamila house reef, 2003 and 2004 and Conrad Intl. Resort plus DEEP BLUE (Sinai Divers)
4 Black-and-White Pictures from Sudan, the Red Sea and the Turtle Tomb, Sipadan
Egypt, Southern Red Sea with a safari boat in November, 2002 (40 pics @ 10 MB, only for broadband access)
Impressions taken during my Divecomputer and Divetables Specialty, October 2002

and then some from the same event, hosted on KDJ's homepage: I am the guy with the funny PADI cap...

Mountain Lake diving in Tyrol in 2002, July
a Rebreather Excursion to a gravel pit in 2002, June
UW pictures from Ras Nasrani, Egypt, northern Sinai, May 2002
the Rebreather Event in our diving tower facility in C.E. 2000
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UW Gallery 1 with 28 thumbnails from all around the world
UW Gallery 2 with 20 thumbnails from all around the world
Eilat / Israel (PDF)

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