my little virtual DIVECOMPUTER MUSEUM;
2016, 1st. part, Aladin [2]

2016: 1st part

our notorious deco chamber dive (DCSI, Ludwigsburg)

  • Aladin [2]
  • the log book:
  • start of dive

  • end of dive

  • the dive summary

  • and here the log book software:
  • very, very simple
  • but no export of DAN DL format!

  • more talkative!
  • deep stop at 25 m for 3 minutes

  • our old Aladin ULTRA

  • and, here as well the scraped NHeO
  • he didn't like our deep stop!

  • thus here his warning / error message:
  • he wanted to have completely different:
  • i.e.: 2 (two) "deep stops": at 28 and at 17 m, each for 2 min.

  • AND: the PC-Software (PROLink) is real BULL SHIT!!!

  • update per end of 2016: due to massive problems with the battery lock
    and the energy consumption this device was withdrawn from the market!

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