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2022, 2nd. part: SNAFU #7 and Crash

  • RATIO iX3M Deep

  • after update to latest firmware from 06 / 2022, Version 4.0.81/16:
  • we see a little film with a dive computer crashing, just by using the compass
  • here the info what you will see during the next 20 seconds of the film:
  • sec 01 --> 03: RATIO iX3M during surface intervall, after another "TISSUE RESET" (GEWEBERESET)
  • sec 04 --> 05: trying to use the compass by pushing knob C (the 3rd. from the left)
  • sec 06 --> sec 15: irregular display of a non-sensical compass (no directions, no numbers)
  • sec 16 --> sec 19: the gray display from a hard-reset, self-initiated
  • sec 20: default screen from fresh start-up

  • RATIO iX3M crash by compass

  • and this will happen as well in mid-water, during a dive!

  • here we see various APOS OS and that the TTS (time-to-surface) for a simulated
  • dive on air, 42 m bottom depth, 25 min bottom time @ a ca. altitude von 2.000 m above SL (sea level)
  • changes in the course of time ...
  • neither the Gradient Factors nor the altitude correction is properly calculated
  • when compared with the TTS for the same profile @ SL (i.e.: altitude = 0.0 m):

  • Details and the technical specifications of this test you will find there
  • @ RESEARCHGATE: Altitude Test

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